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a standard 5mb connection can connect to 64 players on games like battlefield. or a 16 player call of duty game. why is we have so much issue with connection stability? im in a room right now with 3 other players. everything we try to do is glitchy equipment going all over the place. lag spikes so high the entire game freezes everyone. this is not a host problem because we 4 players play on each other maps all the time. you offer things like logging. the logging is such a glitchey mess it not even fun. in fact god forbid you cut a couple trees in a multi player game the lag logs produce make it almost umplayable. bales omg lets not even go there. my questions to the developers.
1. do you even test this game before you sold it to the farm sim community 
2. why dont you do some multiplayer updates? 
3. if no updates why offer a broken multiplayer service?
4. why give up the gold edition when the core game is broken? 
this has the potential to be a great game with a strong community, but you fail recognize the people that buy your software.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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