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Does taking birth control affect a pregnancy? According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no evidence that taking combination birth control pills or progestin-only pills while pregnant will harm your baby in any way, either by increasing the risk of birth defects or causing pregnancy complications.
Can I be pregnant 10 days after my period? If you have a 28- day cycle, you'll usually ovulate some time between day 10 and day 15 of your cycle. If your cycle is short, 22 days for example, then you could ovulate just days after your period, if your period lasted seven days. The longest that sperm can survive in fertile cervical mucus is seven days.
Will Plan B affect baby if pregnant? Emergency Contraception. Both types of morning-after pills can cause an abortion, depending on when you take them. Plan B One-Step, ella, and other forms of emergency contraception are not recommended if you are already pregnant, and can actually hurt you if you take them while pregnant.
How quickly can birth control affect your mood? At the end of the cycle, the women taking hormonal birth control were actually more likely to report worse mood, fatigue, and mood swings than the placebo group. It's a small study, but it seems to show that some women do notice mood changes on the pill — even if they don't know they're taking it, says Petersen.
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